Kaziukas Fair

Kaziukas Fair, known as Kaziuko Mugė in Lithuanian, is a springtime fair in Vilnius that features traditional arts, crafts, and souvenirs. For travelers, the temporary market is a great place to pick up Lithuanian souvenirs and handmade goods. This springtime market and festival is the perfect opportunity to experience a Lithuanian tradition that encompasses Lithuanian food, folk art, and song and dance.

Where is Kaziukas Fair?

Vilnius’ Old Town, particularly Gediminas Avenue, Cathedral Square, and various side streets, come alive with the approach of Kaziukas Fair. Vendors set up stalls here to sell wares which include folk art, edible treats, and beverages. Music and other entertainment also finds a place among the stalls and the crowds that descend upon Old buy levitra au hours Town to enjoy entertainment, food, and shopping.

There is a similar fair that takes place in Kaunas during the same time.

When is Kaziukas Fair?

Kaziukas Fair is held at the end of February or the beginning of March – the weekend which falls closest to St. Casimir’s Day (March 4). The fair honors St. Casimir, a 15th century saint, and typically runs for three days.

Souvenirs at Kaziukas Fair

Traditional souvenirs can be purchased at this annual fair. Palm bouquets – handmade, colorful bouquets called verbos – are associated with Easter but are lovely symbols of spring even if you won’t be taking them to church.

The heart-shaped honey-flavored cookie, called the Heart of Kaziukas, is also a typical souvenir. Decorated with colorful icing, these edible treats are a fair tradition. Besides sweets, you’ll also be able to try savory snacks and traditional beverages like kvass.

Other arts and crafts, like carved wooden utensils and figures, artwork, pottery, traditional textiles, handmade baskets, toys, and more

can be purchased at the fair. The variety of the goods and the talent behind them is great, and it will be impossible to walk away without purchasing something for yourself or a loved one.

Crafters and artists who come to the market to sell their wares are not only Lithuanians – artisans from

neighboring countries also set up booths for the Kaziukas fair, so there is a wide variety of souvenirs available to choose from.

Events and Entertainment at Kaziukas Fair

Even though there is plenty to buy at this Lithuanian traditional fair, song and dance, games and competitions, and a parade are all a part of the festivities.